Finally inspired to start writing again.  Saw a lady who turns 56 next month.  She started her dance career in 1977 in New York and realeased her debut album in 1983.  Here in Amsterdam in 2012, Madonna is as fresh and vibrant as ever.  Holy cow.

The show opened in a scene that felt like Les Miserables had met Twilight.  The sense of stage craft, dance craft and music craft created a punchy start.

Madonna has the courage to take on new stuff and still reinvent the old.  She sang Like a Virgin in the style of Sting singing Roxanne.  She never really used any of her past as a crutch.  And we know that would not only be easy but would be truly legitimate.

For an audience who are primarily there for the old stuff, Madge introduced us to our new stuff with the energy and commitment of a brand new artist starting off.  The lady still has a point to prove.  She wants and needs to continue provoking.  She leaves nothing to chance.

The stage set was technically advanced.  HD screens and the use of the latest in stage hydraulics.  Creatively, it was gothic and sometimes religious.  I think the team behind the gig started by thinking about what a madonna really is.  Then we saw a sense of Madonna’s history from New York.

The dance choreography was at times breathtaking.  Madonna’s team are able to find new dance talent and in the same way she has brought in new producers, she has also used new choreographers to take dance to new levels.

I wonder if some of our gymnasts in the Olympics this year would have been able to pull off break-dance carried out on trapeze wires.

One the hand the show is highly choreographed but Madonna’s shear raw energy and sense of personality makes it feel personal.

As the tattoo on her back (she revealed by a classic Madonna strip)  said it all: ‘No Fear’.

Take nothing for granted.  Perform like your life depends on it. Push the boundaries of creativity.  Find new collaborations to stay fresh.  Deliver nothing less than perfection.

The true Queen of pop shows us, as ever, so much.  Thanks Madge.