We were lucky enough to catch the Kooks last night at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.

The last time it was 10 years ago at London’s Astoria. The difference in performance was significant.

At the Astoria, we saw a young, over-confident group of Indie buskers. Full of energy and melody but musically still forming.

To be fair to the band, they recognize themselves as a band that got signed too early. They were still shaping their sound and forming their DNA.

Last night I saw a stadium act. Not quite as evolved as Elbow or even the Artic Monkeys but well on the road.

The band were tight, polished, not choreographed but well-organized like big act.

The Kooks lead, Luke Pritchard was so confident that he made his work look leisurely. Amazing voice control, connection with the crowd and a Jagger jive style (though that needs some work – Indie front men – on the whole don’t make great dancers).

The new album shows off new musical skill and new tastes on the fringe of indy. A couple of solo numbers from Pritchard shows that the he can still busk with more style and precision.

There has to be a smarter way to capture the evolution of a band. This is more than just biography and discography but some engaging way of telling the band’s story in a way that engenders both new and older fans.

Not sure what the digital answer is but the question is becoming clearer. How do you create a 1 second everyday video for a band you love? Simple video edit tool? Deeper video integration for Shazam. Let’s keep thinking.

In the meantime, call me middle-aged but it’s amazing to see a band grow just like a child. Puts a smile on your face.  I want to ‘go to the seaside.’