This weekend, my nephew came to stay and he kindly brought a present for my five year old son.  It was the physical Star Wars/Angry Birds game.  My son absolutely loved it.  For the first time, he could physically relive and be part of what had been just an ipad game for the last 6 months.

In a growing world of brands born on-line, the challenge is how to make them come to life in the physical world.

I remember how Google actually ran some consumer events in shopping centres a few years ago. Interesting but incongruent as they struggled to tell a story or create real engagement beyond just explaining product benefits.

Clearly its much easier to go offline if you have an inbuilt story and a natural interactive component.  In some senses, you could think of it as the mechandising of a film.  An easy way to drive some incremental revenue from the buzz around the core game.

But Angry Birds is different, it an forever evolving franchise and so the physical game feels like meaningful brand extension and another touchpoint for the brand.

Equally, we do see some brands go to social and use the platform to help shape the physical.  A food brand could create meaningful community on Facebook.  Then they can facilitate physical events based on the social interaction.

Of course, the real value is when the brand comes to Facebook with a purpose and a story.  In India, Lifebuoy comes to Facebook as a health and disease monitor inviting the community to be part of the live dynamic solution.  You can easily see this shaping phyiscal events in different towns and cities when particular action is required.

Its yet again, another principle of digital; the smooth (and relevant) transition back to the physical.  My son is now even more excited playing Angry Birds on his ipad as he starts to feel a real world relationship with the brand.