Over the last 18 months, yet another big change linked to digital marketing has started to evolve.  This is digital marketing itself being the lego of new products.

Forrester research has started to show evidence of this and many organisations are proving the point.  Nike have been doing this for a few years already.  They have taken what were initially marketing initiatives like Nike+ and then turn them into products.  In FMCG, companies like Unilever are using digital products as marketing tools.  You can take a skin analysis app for your iphone and ultimately use it to sell more facial products.

As connected products proliferate you see the digital marketing expertise in user interface and user experience being applied to the growing software in connected products.

Marketers have the opportunity and frankly the responsbility to use these new competencies to redefine products and step-change their product experience.

They need to do it now.  Perhaps your existing competitors will be slow to do this but there is a big new breed of start-up software product companies doing this.  Just look at Withings.  Barely 50 people and now with the leading products in the app-enabled accessories part of the Apple Store.

Its exciting, very real and really happening now.