Got to my local station this morning to find it closed and the place surrounded by police. A staff member tells me there’s been a fatality.

As with many people at the station, the first thought is the inconvenience.

I now have to get on a bus to another station. The lines are slow and the trains are packed.

I search twitter for #surbiton and find almost a 100 tweets describing the situation and the likely delays.

Fortunately, there are no photos but one chap is clearly in shock have witnessed someone jump in front of a train.

This shows perfectly how twitter comes into its own when time is of the essence. Folk were tweeting about specific delays and which trains were still running.

But, we all get used to being part of the news agenda do we want to see 140 character descriptions of gruesome incidents without the editing of a journalist?

With all new smartphones having 5MP cameras do we want to see associated pictures of accidents?

There’s no question that Twitter has a key role to play in our lives especially when timely incidents occur but we need the associated policy in place to help guide us to use it sensibly.

My train is still delayed. Time to tweet.