Do you remember the days when the adage was ‘content is king.

Now we live in a world where that might not be the case, especially when that’s a digital world.

Was catching up with a former boss who’s very accomplished in .com.

Was helping a friend pitch a new idea for city guides (that give you a unique and compelling reason to visit every one of England’s 50 cities).

His content is brilliant. Its based on 2 years research, discussions with 49 tourist boards and books of desk research.

So here’s a piece of work that has a proposition for all 50 cities. Work that makes them all sound unique, relevant and really compelling. It even made me want to visit Coventry. Seriously!

Yet, my old boss made the point that digital suggests free content. The value comes from how content is packaged up and delivered.

Do we create matrices and tagging so you can pick criteria like ‘cars’, ‘love’ and ‘dragons’ and then get Coventry as your answer? Does this make the content more functional?

Does the content always need to deliver a sales lead? That’s what Google does most of the time.

Makes me wonder if publishing in physical print is one way of giving content some value.

Even though its on the decline and youth might not ever buy it!