I was on Apple’s website earlier as I need to update my OS software. I found myself reading the reviews for the latest Snow Leopard version.

What suprised me, was how the first 5 reviews were all broadly negative.

Now, it’s either a case of gross negligence or those responsible aren’t afraid of letting negative reviews take pole position for their own products.

Remember, its easy for Amazon or Trip Advisor as the ratings are not for their own products.

So for a company to be completely open to consumers bad-mouthing their own products on a key section of their own website is quite something.

From both a brand and customer journey perspective its quite smart albeit risky.

I suspect brand trust goes up and if you can convince a prospect that they don’t need to visit a review site, you make the purchase process shorter.

Clearly, the big opportunity is to show that you listen to the critique and that future software builds have the issues resolved.

Easy (ish) in this market and potentially a few others.

Just like in life, the same is true for brand and digital, honesty pays.