In the last 2 weeks, I’ve seen innovation from every angle.

The first was using history to innovate. A theatre group recreated a Jacobean Masque. What’s that? A typical night out for London aristocracy from 400 years ago.

Apparently, shakespeare was just finishing the tempest and johnson was doing his stuff.

So the night is a banquet type feast with dance and prowse in a blackadder-eque delivery.

A great night out in London Wilton’s Hall with the finest of dancing and singing. Real top quality stuff with dancers from the royal ballet and world class sopranos.

A literal replication of an event for the first time in 400 years.

That’s innovation. It did however throw up a marketing challenge. When you look to replicate do you do exactly that or do you tweak for the audience?

To this day, for example, very few curries in London restaurants replicate the real authentic dish. That’s because they’re adjusted to suit the British palate.

So in striving to replicate the event it is simply less entertaining than it could be.

My second example is daring innovation. A night of contemporary dance at Sadlers Well using a fusion of Japanese choreography and trained horses.

It was like nothing I’d seen before and in some ways quite hard to consume. It makes you realise that consuming innovation isn’t always easy to begin with. I guess any change from the norm requires patience and so does innovation.

Hats off to Sadlers to put on a show that feels quite niche. Being brave. Hope it pays back.

Then another trip to the school of communication arts which is another fusion innovation. It joins training in advertising communication with real business. It has the feel of an edgy art college with its own bulldog (really) but connects that firmly with the very commercial world of advertising.

A new product created by fusing two old ones.

Then I got see to David Aaker speak about brand relevance and got to present on how digital marketing is changing brand management. The fella is getting on but he hasn’t stopped thinking about how brands stay competitive.

He says it all about innovation. Lots of key principles. The most memorable is the goal of always trying to create a new category.

Finally, a company called Lovelive that work in the music digital content area. A space that is still changing so its hard to pin down. They are an innovative proposition because they do so much in the complex space they occupy.

My favourite idea from them is an app for bands that have sold out (so you know’s there’s a market) and you offer live streaming and exclusive content with the artist. And fans pay for the privilege.

There’s more but that’s enough innovation for now.

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