You’d think that by definition our focus in digital is all about learning. Part of the passion has to be driven by the desire to understand the new and how it applies to our worlds.

Yet, in the workplace, we get caught in the trap of thinking we need to look smart. Now, don’t get me wrong. There is an ocassional need to know your stuff and look smart.

Though i think you look smarter by asking the right questions and that shows your knowledge and, more importantly, your thirst for more. It also means that you are more adaptable.

There’s a great piece of research on 2 groups of students: one asked to get the best grade they could in French and the other asked to be the best at communicating in French.

One group asked more questions and were the most adaptable in new situations.

Ultimately, one group were more effective when they were left in Paris for a day.

One group became better at French through the questions they asked. One group focussed on learning.

So we all know which?

Great quote: ‘with a learning goal, students don’t have to feel that they’re already good at something in order to hang in and keep trying. After all their goal is to learn and not to prove they’re smart.’

Posted by Vijay: still taking the brand medicine