We can get so easily caught up in the ad or the digital creative. We often forget to start with an analysis of touchpoints we already own.

Some of these are huge. Take the office, the staff, the on-air if you’re a radio station, the on-device if you’re a smartphone.

Any piece of brand work should include an analysis of the weight and impact of current touchpoints.

I saw my postman this morning with a new red branded Royal Mail Jacket.
There are lots of posties and most are seen as part of the community. When you see them most say hello and there’s a warmth in breeding familiarity.

Wonder the extent to which Royal Mail look at them as part of their branding armoury.

Guess its not always ano easy conversation with a unionised group whose roles may be under threat in some cases.

That said, he is the first line into the consumer. He can deliver messages as well as post. With digital technology, he can also collect data.

Lest we forget the power of the postie.
Lest we forget the power of the media we already own.

Posted by Vijay: still taking the brand medicine