As part of a specific project for RS Academics, I’ve found myself talking to the headmasters of some premier league independent schools.

As you would expect, an articulate and intelligent bunch. Surprising (or maybe not) is their interest in social media.

One particular head would put many commercial folk to shame. This head looked at some research that said he wasn’t accessible enough and used Twitter to tackle the challenge.

Now for me the equivalent in business would be the CEO tweeting.

This head now knows of many parents who chose the school because he is approachable via twitter and his blog.

Social media has also changed the perception of the head and the school. Its allows the school/head to be human as well as educational.

It has allowed the head to highlight factors that differentiate the school from competition. He has also shared some insight into his personal life like his football team and their recent performances.

Heads and CEOs have a lot in common. Both can be perceived as aloof and removed from the real world. Social media can help change this. By default, this is the perfect example of how social media can shift brand perceptions amongst potential buyers.

Perhaps we in business can learn from one or two heads. You can put them in an office but you can’t stop them from teaching.

Posted by Vijay: still taking the brand medicine