Went to see a BBC recording of a new R2 comedy/quiz thing tonight. Earlier today, I also caught with a digital agency with video and youtube expertise.

Earlier, we were discussing how modern marketing communication is less about making ads and buying media and more about creating content and distributing it.

This came to life in a BBC recording theatre. So Lucas and his writer/producer create a new comedy format. They work it into a pilot with a production company and take it to R2.

Now given the strength of the Lucas/Walliams brand I suspect it isn’t the hardest of sells.

So here we are with Matt Lucas and other premier league comedy talent such as Lee Mack and Jason Manford.

We the audience are helping create the content with our value-added laughing and applauding.

That content (we spent over 2 hours collecting it) is then spliced into a 30 minute show.

The same content source is also churned into a podcast and available on i-player.

Some of the content could be used in other BBC or Lucas content (rights permitting).

The result of taking a content bank and then creating various edits and feeding them down different communication channels is how it should work.

And who benefits? Well if the show’s funny (and I suspect it will be), its not just R2 who may get greater audience share but its also a powerful reinforcement of the Lucas brand.

The power of content. All in one night’s work.

Posted by Vijay: still taking the brand medicine