Spent most of the day at the School of Communication Arts watching creative presentations, mentoring and talking about network and inter-connected marcomms.

It took me back to the old days of marcomms: a great ad gets talked about and that helps sell products.

So what’s changed? A great ad gets talked about. Its just easier to get talked about using social media.

Great ads get imitated. Just so much easier to do so with social media.

Just don’t take the social media piece for granted. Create frameworks, create incentives and make it easy/fun for consumers to get involved.

Then there are campaigns that are created with consumer input and those that rely on consumers to spread the word. Same rules apply.

Most important insight for today was the power of environment. What Marc the Dean has done, is create a place that cleverly combines the feeling of both a school and an agency.

It’s smart because its both an environment for learning and creative industry. A template we should all try to emulate.

Posted by Vijay: still taking the brand medicine