Ok so nothing new you say. With the advent of itunes, illegal music sharing online and labels being written out of music process, has it all been said already?

Well yes but the vibe from Midem 2011, is that the final nails for many labels are being tapped into coffin lids.

So as I’ve been told umpteen times in the last 6 months, its all merch and live music.

So we know this and we know management companies are pulling tight on artist ownership and all associated IP rights. God forbid, it might follow a true brand management model.

But there is a deeper opportunity with the digital revolution in music. So we all get digital retail but the whole space of using content in CRM and digital marketing is still the wild west in the music industry.

With the influx of FMCG folk at places like EMI, shouldn’t they be taking the higher ground? Should be but many don’t see it and it isn’t being reflected in the commercial numbers just yet.

The bigger question is how digital marketing might change the music supply process and does it make it easier for content owners (music management) to find content partners (brands)?

Time will tell but don’t expect the king to be resurrected any time ever.

Posted by Vijay: still taking the brand medicine