Caught up with a major agency MD from adland. Was great to see this chap whose rise make many meteors look paltry.

We started off discussing how price can positively drive behaviour and shape a brand.

We discussed Pink’s theories (not the singer) of how money is such a poor motivator of people.

But best of all, my favourite topic: adland and its inability to genuinely connect brand and digital.

The thing is, most senior and experienced brand folk aren’t motivated by digital.

The best digital folk don’t usually truly get brand.

Then agencies buy digital companies and find it challenging to integrate them. Or agencies create digital departments or separate p&ls.

So this particular agency tell me that they have integrated expert digital folk into core teams. So the digital planner is part of the planning team. The digital creative is part of the creative team. And so on.

The theory is that digital naturally falls out of general planning and creative work.

Sounds logical. The question is whether the digital folk have a big enough voice at their table of influence.

I’m gonna go back and have a closer look. I think you got to have senior folk who are rooted in brand and passionate/expert at digital.

What do you think?

Posted by Vijay: still taking the brand medicine