Speaking to a dear friend who has been managed by a new boss for the last 6 months.

This dear friend is highly-driven, warm spirited and all about her team.

In 6 months, she has become quite literally a different person because of a guy who doesn’t listen, is authoritarian, alpha-male and a bully. (And they’re just the positive attributes. :-))

Seriously, this guy is also quite smart.

The sad thing is that all of his senior managers have been negatively transformed. It sounds awful but it is analagous to a cancer eating up a body.

Parts of the organisation want to leave and its a real shame. My dear friend has taken the couragious move of facing said boss with these truths only to be seriously rebutted. Sadly even his boss provided the same rejection and so the friend’s position is in jeopardy.

Its amazing the impact one individual can have even if its a truly negative one.