Caught up with my old friend and ex-Shazamer, Claus. He’s always been the coolest German i’ve known.

You’d sometimes spot him on roller blades being pulled along by a kite. ‘Yikes,’ I’d hear him cry as he whistled by.

He’s now in Hong Kong running his own start-up. A few years ago, he really got into Second Life and he was all avatar way before Cameron’s film.

So hear this. The language we all want to learn is mandarin. I read that it is the most studied language in the states.

Getting decent teachers can be tricky. So Claus has a project where they create a virtual classroom. In it they put a real teacher represented by an avatar and real students, equally in avatar format.

I know there be some technical and safety challenges but the idea is awesome. It will save money and hopefully time by getting the best teachers into a classroom regardless of their location.

Pink Floyd might have to re-write their lyrics. At least the lyrics for their avatars.