Have spent a lot of this week talking to senior industry folk who don’t really understand marketing.

Plenty of those around, i know.

Often, when you ask what the marketing challenges are, you get answers like ‘we need a new website’.

When you interrogate the need. Eg, is that to drive customer acquistion, brand metrics or a purchase funnel?

You get a funny look. I’ve been thinking about the best metaphor and i haven’t cracked it but…

I have been talking about how clients ask for builders when they might need an architect. Funny that its our instinct to look for a digital or brand builder as opposed to a brand architect.

This metaphor also helped me explain what I do. I do architecture and manage groups of builders. Ask me to mix cement or write PERL and I’d be stumped.

So the challenge is to get clients to think about architects when they think they need a builder.