10 years ago Shazam was a smart gimmick based on powerful insight, unique technology and a great idea for a brand. (If I say so myself, as its then marketing director.)

Now, it has multi-million monthly users (say that after a g&t or two), a global brand, a product roadmap, growing revenues and a VC most would kill for.

For me, it’s been about continuing the basis of all the early groundwork but building a more serious management approach and having a great understanding of what drives the business.

Music discovery remains at its core but Shazam has the potential to be much more. As mobile ad revenues grow, Shazam will follow. They’re already pioneering this with o2 in the UK.

This morning we were discussing an ad interaction we’d built 10 years ago. See an ad for Citroen and tag the ad dialing 2580 on your mobile. You then get a txt that links to a WAP site and eventually after much clunkiness you can order a brochure or test drive.

Now, Shazam are part of a SyFy programme where you tag the track at the end of the show from your iphone and you get access to unique content and all sorts of cool stuff.

Guess the time is right for meaningful content interaction via your smartphone. In the days of Groupon & vouchercloud, the Shazam tag could send a offer direct to your mobile.

When we were building the Shazam brand we had this idea of it letting you capture a song like capturing a butterfly delicately in your cupped hands. Sounds cheesy but the idea was the feeling of genuinely capturing something meaningful from a moment in your life. Music and entertainment are powerful touchpoints in our lives.

With the user base, the clarity of brand and an almost seamless user interface shazam will change how we interact with content.