My definition of marketing is really straight-forward and I’ve learnt the hard way.

It is whatever the CEO thinks it is. Well that the start point anyway.

Had a great meeting, this morning with the experts in marketing capability, Brand Learning.

Spoke with one of the founders who has done an amazing job of delivering better business results for clients, by building better marketing through improving marketing capability.

Gets you thinking about CEOs and CMOs knowing that they have this as an issue in the first place.

I guess there’s one thing knowing you have a capability problem but there’s another, where there is a problem and the CMO/CEO doesn’t realise.

I always think that FMCG and blue-chip get this stuff and typically have a capability director. But what if you’re a growing company or one where marketing is still at the early stages of development.

I’ve seen this in media, e-commerce, tech and in companies where marketing sometimes plays second fiddle.

Wonder what they do? Do they ever put marketing and capability in the same sentence?