So whilst many brands and their agencies are still getting their heads around SEO for Google, you should start thinking about SEO for youtube.

As brands realise that the days of creating advertising and buying media is over, they are waking up to the creation and distribution of content.

(Don’t worry that still means that sometimes you still create an ad and then buy media.)

So imagine you’re, say, Carphone Warehouse and you’ve created some ‘how to’ to videos demonstrating the wonderful benefits of the latest smartphone.

Video made and posted on youtube.  Hey, you may even have created your very own youtube channel.  So now you’ve built it, will the audiences come.

Well you wouldn’t create a £1m TV ad and not find some media as the channel to show it, would you?

So the same applies to youtube.

And guess what, there are some very clever companies that can do wizzy tech stuff to improve your video being found in search.  This means that more people will see it.  That then means that youtube start to feature it and then, guess what, even more people see it.

Its self-perptuating and the window’s are small.  Its amazing and pretty powerful.

I was just hearing from Patrick at VisibilityIQ how they do it.

And its shocking when brands create some amazing youtube content and don’t do anything when they’ve barely had any views.  Seems like a well known retail brand did just that with the Christmas recipes.