The other week, I caught up with old friend who’s a global VP in marketing for a product category.  He works at one the planet’s biggest FMCG companies.  One of the top 5.

I was asking how I would influence him on topics like digital or experiential if I didn’t know him.  The short answer is that it’s hard.

His head in research, strategy, brands and his body is in meetings/conference calls.

His team is often fronting all things digital or experiential and more often than not its up to the lead agencies to keep the big client abreast of all things new and important.

Often the big agencies’ minds are elsewhere.

The other factor is timing.  You may have the best digital idea or sponsorship opportunity in the world but if it doesn’t turn up at the right time and in the right format, you’ve blown it.


My summary would be great idea based on brilliant insight; brand/company relevance and timing/opportunity.

More on this to come.