And the converse is true. When, say, an artist’s management company are looking for a brand partnership, what do they do? And how do they do it?

I think the answer is part process, part technology and part creativity/storytelling.

Content/Experience trying to find a brand partner is no different to international cross-cultural dating.

You need to know how to talk to a brand or the people who manage it and you need to know when.

Ideally, you’d understand the marketing supply chain. For big brands, it may make sense to talk to their agencies first. The client may be in a different head space.

Some agencies are excellent at translating, say, the world of rock and roll into brand speak. Just that they charge a bomb for it.

So here’s the second piece, use technology. Services like Linked In may shorten the time and process for buyers and sellers to meet.

Third is timing. Don’t push your content towards a brand without context, insight, an idea and timing.

So if a brand has a new product launch or a new campaign then that just might work. Otherwise its just a random shot in the dark sometimes from a beautifully crafted gun.